Azienda vitivinicola Cantamessa di Cantamessa Aldo  frazione Bionzo 29, 14055 Costigliole d’Asti (AT)  Tel. 0141/598641 cell. 338/7639771  e-mail:
The   company,   owned   by   the   Cantamessa   family   since   1870,   is   still personally   led   by   Aldo   Cantamessa   who,   together   with   his   son   Luca   and his   wife   Giuliana.   His   primary   objectives   are   the   production   of   grapes and    their    winemaking    through    methods    and    cultivation    techniques aimed   at   producing   wines   made   ​​with   responsibility,   authenticity   and love. The   main   goal   of   the   Cantamessa   winery   is   to   satisfy   the   customer expressing   its   work   with   absolute   transparency,   in   fact      the   pride   of   the land,   its   traditions   and   its   fruits   are   for   the   family   inexhaustible   source of energy to progress and improve over time . If   you   wish   to   visit   the   winery   and   taste   our   products,   please   contact   us a   few   days   before   in   order   to   allow   us   to   welcome   you   in   the   best possible way.
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