Azienda vitivinicola Cantamessa di Cantamessa Aldo  frazione Bionzo 29, 14055 Costigliole d’Asti (AT)  Tel. 0141/598641 cell. 338/7639771  e-mail: info@cantamessavini.it
Cantamessa   winery   is   located   in   the   small   hamlet   of   Bionzo   ,   the village   of   Costigliole   d'Asti   in   the   renowned   wine   region   on   the   border between   Langhe   and   Monferrato   .   Here   it   was   founded   in   1870,   by   the "   grandfather   Lorenzo   ",   who   made   it   one   of   the   most   important wineries   of   the   area   for   extension   and   production.   Then   it   passed   into the   hands   of   his   sons   Giuliano   and   Guglielmo   and   passed   through   a period   of   stalemate,   also   due   to   the   succession   of   the   two   World   Wars. It   was   in   the   early   90's   that   the   grandson   Aldo   decided   to   continue   the old   family   tradition   ,   driven   by   a   great   passion   matured   since   childhood .    Thanks    to    his    perseverance    and    dedication    ,    the    company    has returned   to   be   vital   today   as   it   was   in   the   days   of   his   grandfather   .   The entire   production   process   ,   from   working   in   the   vineyard   to   the   wine- making    operations    in    the    cellar    ,    is    tiring,    but    is    greeted    with enthusiasm   by   the   entire   family   ,   sure   to   offer   their   customers   the highest quality and authenticity of their wines.