Azienda vitivinicola Cantamessa di Cantamessa Aldo  frazione Bionzo 29, 14055 Costigliole d’Asti (AT)  Tel. 0141/598641 cell. 338/7639771  e-mail:
It   covers   an   area   of   about   14   hectares   of   vineyards,   where,   thanks   to the   favorable   exposure   and   soil   that   gives   unique   hints,   grow   grapes from    which    derive    wines    much    appreciated    for    their    organoleptic qualities.    The    vines    that    are    cultivated    are    both    those    typical    of Monferrato   and   the   international   ones   but   the   main   one   is   definitely   the Barbera,   from   which   we   obtain   the   Barbera   d'Asti   DOCG,   the   flagship   of our   winery.   The   grapes   are   vinified   in   the   cellar,   set   within   the   family home   that   once   was   the   center   of   social   life   of   the   entire   population. The   ground   floor,   in   fact   housed   the   elementary   school   while,   upstairs, there   was   "the   circul",   a   ballroom   typical   here   in   Piedmont   and   an important meeting place